Shindaiwa 280TS

  • Engine capacity: 26.9 cc
  • Max power: 1.04 Kw (1.46 HP)
  • Weight: 3.0 Kg (dry)
  • Bar length: 10″ (250 mm) laminated steel with sprocket tip, manufactured by Tsumura
  • Fuel tank capacity: 240 ml
  • Oil tank capacity: 160 ml
  • Fuel usage at Max power: 0.68 litre / hour
  • Easy-Start compression damper and digital ignition system provides super easy starting every time!
  • This chainsaw is 100% made in Japan. Shindaiwa products are an example of true Japanese quality engineering.

Ergonomic, lightweight and powerful, top handle petrol chain saw.

Up high in the trees, you need a chain saw that’s powerful, lightweight and dependable. The Shindaiwa 280TS is all those things and more. The 26.9 cm³ professional grade engine ensures massive power relative to its size and features like integrated choke and fast idle release for easy starting and G-Force engine air pre-cleaner make the 280Ts a robust, compact and powerful chain saw you can depend on.

Superbly balanced and lightweight. Ideal arborist saw for arboricultural off-ground work. Heavy-duty construction and reliability, make this the perfect choice for the professional arborist requiring a petrol chainsaw for general use.

Rap-around handle is designed to encourage industry best practice, requiring the operator to use both hands whenever possible. This also helps to make this petrol chainsaw comfortable to use for extended periods of time.

The side access tensioning is easily accessible for chain adjustments. tool-less air cleaner cover and vibration-reduction system.




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